BAND 299er Sectional - March 27-29, 2015
                          Play at BAND - Tournament Flyer
                Friday, March 27
        (0-20 Pairs Play Free Friday)     
9:00am                                 299er Stratified Pairs
                                        0-49 Pairs
12:30pm                                 299er Stratified Pairs        
                                        0-49 Pairs
6:30pm                                 299er Stratified Pairs

             Saturday, March 28
9:30am                                  299er Stratified Pairs
                                        0-49 Pairs
1:30pm                                 299er Stratified Pairs
                                        0-49 Pairs
6:30pm                                 299er Stratified Pairs

              Sunday, March 29
9:30am                                299er Stratified Swiss Teams
                                        49er Pairs
1:30pm                                  299er Stratified Swiss Teams       
                                        49er Pairs            
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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
Light Lunch between
sessions on Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Healthy Refreshments provided each session!

Mini-Lesson 30 minutes prior to each session!

Overall Trophies ♠ Pictures ♠ Section Top Prizes

299er Event Stratification
A: 200-300, B: 100-200, C: 0-100
49er Event Stratification
A: 20-50, B: 5-20, C: 0-5
Averaged Masterpoints

Entries: $13/person/session
$16/person/session for non or unpaid ACBL members

Tournament Chairman:
Donna Compton
Partnership Coordinator: Therese Milford

Online Partnership Desk
Information Hotline: 972.960.6700

Nearby Hotels
Westin Galleria (connected to the Galleria)

Hilton Lincoln Center (This side of the Galleria)