BAND Open Sectional at the Richardson Civic Center
Join us next year...March 29-April 1, 2012
Thanks to all of our volunteers!
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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
2853.74 masterpoints won by 631 players!

Sunday Morning        
Open Pairs                
Overalls          Recap
299er Swiss               Overalls

Sunday Afternoon
Open Pairs                
Overalls          Recap
Strati-Flighted Swiss  
Overalls  BCD Overalls
299er Swiss               Overalls
Sun Morn Open Prs A
Stephen Shuman & Marvin Migdol
Sun Aft 299er Swiss AB
Carol Bice & Roxie Cooper
Diane Segel & Jenny Oswald
Sat Aft Open Prs A
Bill Osborn & Bettie Ingram
Sun Strati Flted Teams Flt D
Richard Schemmel & Jo Hammett
Virginia Boudreau & Avis Fortado
Sun Strati Flted Teams Flt B
Lauren Brown & Penny Mixon
Jim Brown & Stephen_Hibbard.
Sun Strati Flted Teams Flt X
David Pearlman & Pam Wiegmann
J Wiegmann & Henry Muzzio
Sun Morn 299er AB
Becky Thomas & Head
Ginger Kennedy & Polly Moss
Rick Margerison & Margorie Deutsch