BAND Mentor/Mentee Program

BAND is committed to the all around development of the Intermediate/Newcomer players.  From the very
first lesson, students are encouraged to play in the Play-N-Learn games.  From there, the newcomers
move up to the Mentor/Mentee programs in which the new players are partnered with  more experienced
players.  When ready, the intermediate/newcomer players graduate to the Open Games.

BAND has two types of Mentor/Mentee Programs

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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
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Entry Fee is FREE for Mentors with 1000+ points!

No team can add to more than 8 points.
  • Strata A = 8 points
  • Strata B = 6/7 points
  • Strata C = 4/5 points
Teams will be arranged based on the following formula:
  • A = 1000+ = 3 points
  • B = 300-1000 = 2 points
  • C = 0-300 = 1 point
8 is Enough Swiss ~ How it Works
8 Is Enough Swiss
July 22, 2018

Dinner @ 5:15pm
Game @ 6:00pm

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