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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
Tammy Madden
Fri Aft
49er Host
Jane Kirby
Wed Morn PNL Host
Wed Aft 49er Host
Play with friends    ~    Ask Questions & Use Notes    ~    No Partner Needed

Mon @ 6:30pm    ~    Tues @ 12:30pm    ~    Wed @ 9:30am

Entry Fee:  $5 for BPM Members; $10 for Non-Members

Play & Learn included with your Intro to Bridge Course
49er Pairs ~ All 49er Games 1/2 price for BPM in June!
BAND's 49er Pairs is designed for our players graduating from the 0-20 Lesson Pairs
and wanting to play 15 hands per session. ACBL Certified Instructors will be answering questions
throughout the game. Arrive early to meet new friends and enjoy a mini-lesson 30 minutes
prior to each 49er Pairs. Want a Partner? We will be happy to match you up!

Mon @ 12:30pm  ~  Wed @ 12:30pm  ~   Fri @ 12:30pm  ~  Sun @ 1:30pm

BPM Reservations     ~     49er Partnership Request

Entry Fee ~ $10 for BPM Members; $14 for Non-Members

Top 49er Monthly Winners in each category (Attendance & Masterpoint)
will enjoy dinner with Chris & Donna.
Wednesday, July 11th

Light Lunch & Mini-Lessons
Join us as we celebrate our July Birthdays!
Student Specials:
Take class in the morning,
Play FREE THAT DAY in all games!
(Plus $1 for Bonus Games)

Take an evening class,
in all games!
(Plus $1 for Bonus Games)
49er Unit Game Winners ~ Next Unit Game is Sunday, July 8th @ 1:30pm
May 2018 49er Champs
Curt & Cindy McIntyre
May 2018 49er B2 Champs
Shelly Wallace & Maneeb Mellem
0-20 Lesson Pairs
Play 12 hands with lesson discussion following each hand.
ACBL Certified Instructors will walk you through the "What, When & How's"
of the hands you just played. Handout includes pictures of hands and lesson pointers
designed by World Champion & Master Teacher, Donna Compton.

Masterpoints Awarded. No Partner Required.

Wed @ 6:30pm  ~  Thurs @ 12:30pm

Entry Fee ~ $14 for BPM Members; $20 for Non-Members
Lacy Peterson
Mon Aft
49er Host
Linda Jimmerson
Mon Eve & Tues Aft
P&L Host
June Specials
All P&L Games:
$5 for BPM
$10 for Non-BPM

Wed Eve 49er Games:
$5 for BPM
$10 for Non-BPM
(All 49er Games 1/2 Off in June)
Meet Your Newbie Hosts
Bill Osborn
Mon Eve 20er LG
Sun 49er Host
Susan Bates
Thur Aft
20er LG Host