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Bridge Academy
of North Dallas
Sharon Lux
Newbie Specialist
ACBL Certified Instructor
Newbie News
Jane Kirby
ACBL Certified
Susan Bates
ACBL Certified
Play & Learn

BAND is excited to announce special events, new games and new classes coming over the horizon. We
currently offer Play N Learn, 49er Games, and Special Events!
Play with friends ~ Ask Questions ~ No Partner Needed

For The Month of April

    Monday @ 6:30pm
    Tuesday @ 12:30pm
    Wednesday @ 9:30am

Entry Fee:  $5 for BPM Members; $10 for Non-Members
49er Pairs
BAND's 49er Pairs is designed for our newer players to enjoy a slower-paced duplicate game. ACBL
Certified Instructors are available to answer questions throughout the game. Arrive early to meet new
friends and enjoy a mini-lesson 20 minutes prior to each 49er Pairs. Want a Partner?
Sharon Lux will be
happy to match you up!

Partners Required!

For The Month of April

    Monday @ 12:30pm
    Wednesday @ 12:30pm & 6:30pm
    Thursday @ 12:30pm
    Friday @ 12:30pm
    Saturday @ 1:30pm
    Sunday @ 1:30pm

Entry Fee ~ $10 for BPM Members; $14 for Non-Members
Entry Fee ~ Wed Eve & Sat Aft:  $5 for BPM Members; $10 for Non-Members
*** Extra $1 for Bonus Point Games***
Spring Fling

Top 2 winners in each
category (attendance
& masterpoints) for
each month will
receive an hour
lesson with the 4
winners presented by
Sharon Lux.
49er Birthday Party
is celebrated on the
last Sunday of the month!
Join us as we celebrate our April 49er Birthdays!
John Pelletti
ACBL Certified
April Specials:
All P&L games - $5 for BPM; $10 for Non-BPM

Wed Eve & Sat Aft 49er Games:
$5 for BPM: $10 for Non-BPM
(Plus $1 for Bonus Games)

Student Specials:
Take class in the morning,
Play FREE THAT DAY in 299er or 49er Prs
(Plus $1 for Bonus Games)

Take an evening class,
Play FREE THE NEXT WEEKEND in 299er or 49er Prs
(Plus $1 for Bonus Games)